The SimpleHash API returns transfer data in a standard format. The following are the fields included in the response (or as a list of transfer objects). Transfers typically reflect the exchange of an NFT from one address to another.

from_addressOriginating address for the transfer. Hex format for EVM-compatible chains. If null, this represents a minting eventstring, null
to_addressDestination address for the transfer. Hex format for EVM-compatible chainsstring
timestampDatetime of the event if known in timestamp format (e.g., 2021-07-03T23:45:00)string
contract_addressContract address of the NFT involved. Hex format for EVM-compatible chainsstring
chainName of the blockchain (e.g., ethereum)string
block_numberNumeric figure representing the block number within which the transfer occurredint
token_idToken ID (usually numeric) of the NFT on its contractstring
quantityNFT quantity being transferredint
log_indexIndex of the log in the transaction event logsint
batch_transfer_indexIndex of the transfer in the log (Usually there is one transfer per log, but ERC-1155 allows for batch transfers in one log)int
sale_detailsDetails on the sale event that occurred in this transfer, if applicablesale_details, null
block_hashDigital fingerprint / hash of the specific blockstring
transactionUnique identifier of the relevant transactionstring