Currently supported chains and testnets

The SimpleHash NFT API aims to provide the broadest coverage across chains with active developer communities. The following table indicates the current chain support. If you have a chain or network you'd like to see supported, please reach out at [email protected].

When making calls using the API, use either the Query string or Cross-chain ID to specify the desired chain(s).

Chains indicated as Mainnet are called from the regular API endpoint at <> while chains indicated as Testnet are called from <>.

ChainTypeQuery stringCross-chain IDStatus
Arbitrum OneMainnetarbitrumeip155:42161Live
FlowMainnetflowLive, most major contracts loaded (list)
RinkebyTestnetethereum-rinkebyeip155:4Live, historical loading ongoing
Solana TestnetTestnetsolana-testnetsolana:102Live, historical loading ongoing
MumbaiTestnetpolygon-mumbaieip155:80001Live, historical loading ongoing
Arbitrum GoerliTestnetarbitrum-goerlieip155:421613Live
Optimism GoerliTestnetoptimism-goerlieip155:420Live