The SimpleHash API includes detail on the floor price of NFT collections on the following chains:

  • Ethereum: Live
  • Solana: Live for collections with verified Metaplex mint IDs
  • Polygon: Live

Coverage of more chains will be added in the near future.

The floor prices array can be found on the field named floor_prices on the collection model on the "NFT by..." endpoints, and directly on the the Collections by Wallet endpoint.

floor_price model:

marketplace_idUnique identifier of the NFT marketplace associated with the floor pricestring
valueThe value of the floor price in the relevant currencyint
payment_tokenDetail on the token used to make the NFT sale. Will be null if is_bundle_sale is truepayment_token (see below), null

payment_token model:

payment_token_idUnique identifier of the token type relevant to the collection. Currently for ethereum ecosystem sales, this may be ethereum.native for the native ETH token, or ethereum.{contract_address} for ERC-20 tokensstring
nameName of the token, e.g., Ether derived from the contract or otherwisestring
symbolSymbol of the token derived from the contract or otherwise, e.g., ETHstring
addressContract address of the ERC-20 token associated with the collection (null in the case of the native ETH token)string,null
decimalsBase number of decimals of the token value associated with the collection (e.g., 18 in the case of the native ETH token)int