Current SimpleHash NFT API capabilities and features currently being worked on, or on the near-term roadmap. If there is another capability or feature not listed here that you would like to see, please message us at [email protected]

Additional chain support

Chains / networks currently under consideration

  • Gnosis
  • Avalanche C-chain
  • BSC
  • Tezos

Additional transaction information

  • Original mint prices

New sorting and filtering abilities

  • Sorting of specific endpoints (e.g., NFTs by Wallet) by NFT sales volume and other metrics
  • Search NFTs by category


Support for webhook subscription for events occurring on specific wallets, contracts, and collections

Collection analytics

Volume and sales metrics, filterable by specific time period

Rarity scores

Implementation of industry standards regarding NFT rarity and standardized metadata

Detection of staked and escrowed NFTs

Including marketplace escrow contracts

Formal SDK

Including node and python based packages